Day 8: I Knew I Could Do 20!

And on the seventh day – he walked 21.5 miles. Finally, I got the 20 I’ve been looking for! The day started out good, got better after lunch and got real good as dinner rolled around. Hwy 12 was much better today than it was yesterday. No barriers between lanes, wider shoulders (paved) and then a gravel shoulder next to that. There was about two miles of three foot wide shoulder and the rest was six to seven feet. It was really a treat to see all that in front of me.Windmills

The terrain today was mostly agricultural. There were some windmills that I eventually got past,  but the fields were mostly alfalfa and sod farms. The miles and miles of green were really pretty and a stark difference to all the vineyards we’ve seen for the past week. The weather has been perfect for walking. Cool,  sunny and breezy. The TV said this morning that this area usually gets its first 90 degree day in April. I hope it continues to hold off.

Personal to Mason & Patricia – thanks for matching my money found. By the way, it is little comfort knowing you are walking along beside me via your easy chair. While l get blisters on my feet, you get blisters elsewhere :p  Seriously, thanks for the matching funds. It is always good to hear from you two.

We got to I-5 and Hwy 12 in Sacramento County today and this makes the fourth county I’ve walked in. We should be in Lodi tomorrow morning where I have an interview with a reporter for the Lodi paper set up. I’ll see if I can do back-to-back twenties. Hope so 🙂

Miles Covered: 21.5
Total Miles: 120.75
Money Found: $1.99
Total Found: $9.05