Day 81: Heading into Moose Country

Today I was on County Road 28, another gravel road from near Coalmont to Rand, CO. It is a fairly flat road, ten miles long and winds its way through ranch fields full of cattle. We’ll spend the night parked along side the road and tomorrow I’ll get up and walk to the bottom of Owl Mountain. That road is a complete opposite of the other road, it climbs up one hill and down another. The road from here on the top of the mountain to where it connects to Hwy 14 near Gould is fairly flat and makes its way through fields and stands of trees. The state of Colorado has been hit hard by a beetle that is killing the Lodgepole Pine tree. It attacks the bark and kills the tree. They have dead trees standing all over the state and now they are posing a fire threat. It is really sad to see a mountain full of dead brown trees.

I may not have broadband, so we will blog when we can. We will be heading for Cameron Pass on Hwy 14 and then the Poudre Canyon on the way to Ft. Collins.

Miles Covered: 18.5
Total Miles: 1,222.25
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $38.93