Day 84: Another Gravel Road

ShennanigansToday we finished up the second of the gravel road short cuts. It took us over Owl Mountain and then we hooked up again with Hwy 14. We walked through Gould and past the state park where we spent the weekend. We spent last night along the side of the road just east of Gould. Valda saw some moose and yelled at me to look. They might have been moose, or cows or maybe a couple of St. Bernard’s looking for some wayward skier. They were so far away I couldn’t tell. But she said they were moose, so they were moose.

I want to thank Deb and her crew at the Moose Visitor’s Center for getting us hooked up with the campsite last weekend. I also want to thank Jeremy for the nice note he left me under the rock along the side of the road. Yes, I did find it and it was the first folding money found along the walk. Thanks! 😀

Also thanks to Bucky and Jodi R. of Ft. Collins for their donation to Gateway For Cancer Research. It is much appreciated!

We are moving very nicely through the mountains. We plan on taking a couple of days off and will be visited by Chris and my two brothers, Don and Ron from Indy.

Miles Covered: 18.75
Total Miles: 1,256
Money Found: $1.00
Total Found: $39.93