Day 117: Afterglow

[Well, I’ll try this blog again.  I spent forty-five minutes last night blogging and hit the left click button on the mouse and presto – cyberspace again. Then I did what anyone would do, I shut the computer off, and went to bed. If I loose it today, I don’t know when I’ll muster the strength up to get it posted.]

Dad July 23 Halfway Walking StickIt was really good seeing my daughter, her husband and the two grandkids! I want to personally thank Nic and Jude for walking with me last Saturday. It really made my day. 😀  I have some other people to thank concerning the Hastings lay over. First, Don & Mary B. for all they did both before and during my visit. Also, thank you for your contribution to Gateway. It is much appreciated. Also, thanks to Kevin J., Brenden S., Danielle W., and Julie H. for your donations to Gateway. They too are much appreciated. I want to thank Tom Pavelka and Dwight Dunsworth of Pavelka Trucking Co. for aligning the front end of my RV. They did this for nothing even though they did not know me. Thank you very much! Valda sends thanks to the following friends of daughter Syndi in central Oklahoma: Natalie S., Kathy M., Laresa B., Irene F. and Shannon E. for sending her reading material and notepads. Now she’s happy.

Those trucks that have been passing me that smell like beer are carrying processed corn mash.  Don B. told me that the ethanol plants buy the corn, extract the sugars and anything else out of the corn that goes into ethanol, then sell the corn mash back to the farmers to feed their livestock. Sounds like a racket to me.🙄 Anyway, I get to enjoy the brief smell of stale beer as they pass. 🍻

I’ve had a couple of people inquire about the gas station sign in Kenesaw. Mike at the radio station wondered if it was a Sunoco. Sunoco is diamond shape, but has an arrow or something going through it. Pattie S. though it might be a Pure station. Pure signs are round, Pattie, or at least I think they are. It is not a Pure or Sunoco. I’ll give you a hint, it is two letters of the alphabet and vowels need not apply. I don’t know if this gasoline company was in the East or not, but they were in Indiana and points West. They have been out of business for 35-40 years, so some people probably don’t have a clue. I’ll let you know later.

Miles Covered: 19
Total Miles: 1,734.25
Money Found: $1.12
Total Found: $57.10