Day 128: Another Route Change

Well, if nothing else, we’ve learned to be flexible. I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but we changed our route through Iowa from US 34 to State Road 2. This change saved us about 35 miles of walking North in Eastern Nebraska to US 34, then walking South in Eastern Iowa down to Keokuk. Wherever I can save 35 miles I’m going to do it. It turned out to be a straighter shot across Iowa this way and the road isn’t much different.

Speaking of roads, I’ve run across a situation on Hwy 2 concerning the mile markers. It seems that the state of Iowa must not celebrate January 1 as a holiday. I guess being the first day of the year doesn’t warrant that distinction to the state officials. However, the good people who work at the DOT for Iowa still go out and partake of the liquid refreshment that is wildy prevalent on December 31. Then, like all good road workers, they report to work on Jan. 1 to do their daily tasks. The road markers on Hwy 2 must have been installed on Jan. 1 of some year past. Two days ago I went from mile marker 29 to mile marker 33 in a half mile. Now, thinking that this was just an aberration, I dismissed it as just some quirk in the system. Today, however, I went from mile marker 71 to 73 in a mile and a quarter. Two different days – two different mile marker aberrations. I don’t think so. I thought about it today and figured it must be because of Jan. 1. Now most people probably don’t think anything about the mile markers and maybe don’t even see them. I, on the other hand, look for every one of them and if there is something out of whack, I know it immediately. It sure does make it hard on someone that is depending on them to not only be in the right sequence but also depending on them to be every mile – hence the name “mile marker”. Oh well. If you think there is another explanation, please comment about it. I do believe my theory has merit, however.

I want to thank the Sunshine State Cougar Club for their recent donation to Gateway For Cancer Research. Thanks to President Jayson Hordam, V.P. Keith Hammersley, Treasurer Cynthia Vanderwilt and Secretary Julie Hammersley. Thanks again, it is much appreciated!

Miles Covered: 20.25
Total Miles: 1,933.25
Money Found: $0.12
Total Found: $58.66