Day 132: Another 20 Mile Day

These titles of these blogs are getting harder and harder to come by! I try to title it with something pertinent, but I find myself sitting here staring at the title box and nothing comes to mind. Maybe I’ll get better at it as I get closer to the end.

We started walking this morning at Decatur City (Jct. Interstate 35 and Iowa Hwy 2) and ended the day 20 miles down the pike at about 8 miles west of Corydon. We are now in a small county park in Corydon with 10-12 campsites with electricity. We sure love these little campgrounds. We left a campground this morning at Leon and had to pull out without emptying our holding tanks – bummer. Well, Valda went ahead of me into Leon to find a laundromat which just happened to be next to the Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen Elephant Leon IowaShe went over and talked to the DQ owner, Gail Duerr who made a couple of phone calls and found us a dump station at the county fairgrounds, about a mile away. What a guy. When I strolled up, I just had to go in and have a cup of coffee and a DQ sandwich and Gail sat down and talked for a while. Seems he used to be a funeral home owner for several years and then about 20 years ago he got out of that and bought the DQ. He said the county population had dropped about 1200 folk and he needed something else to do. It was difficult sitting next to him listening to him talk and try not to picture him doing whatever funeral home people do. Anyway, he’s a pretty fascinating guy and I do thank him for his help and for buying one of my books. The elephant picture is outside his DQ and I have no idea of its significance.

We had a pretty good day – good weather and no problems. Tomorrow we head toward Corydon and Centerville. We have passed the half way point in Iowa and I was told the hills are going to be less steep from now to the Mississippi River. We stayed in the driveways of a couple of farmers today and sat under their shade trees. I want to thank them for that and for the tomatoes the Arnold family gave us. It sure is nice not to have to drive all over creation to find a place to sit for a couple of hours.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,993.25
Money Found: $0.04
Total Found: $59.31