Day 133: A Little Rain Today

Today we had a bit of rain. Not much, but it did rain for about a half hour this morning and was just enough that we took a break and had a cup of coffee. Then, it was back outside to do more of the same. We went through Corydon today (where it rained) and continued on toward Promise City where we are currently sitting. Tomorrow we should get to Centerville or very close. Nothing exciting happened today, no close calls, no finding a hundred dollar bill, no harassment by anyone – nothing.

I don’t think this rates as exciting, but it is a milestone of sorts: I went over 2,000 miles today! I also found a large coin today and thought it might be a half dollar, but Valda said it was a car wash token. Just my luck.

Some idle thoughts while walking down a seldom used road in the middle of Iowa. Why couldn’t God have made mosquitoes and flies mortal enemies? Why do all those motorcycle riders with loud engines think that just because they like to hear the roar of those engines that everyone else does too? How come there are just as many empty flatbed semi’s on the road (at $5.00/gallon diesel) as ones with a load? Isn’t there some sort of register organization that could come up with a return load?

I got an email from another fellow FCHS graduate of ’66, Hal S. of Northern California.  I haven’t seen Hal in a number of years and it was really good hearing from him. That makes two old classmates this week. Great!

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,013.25
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $59.31