Day 135: Short Day

I blogged the other day about being flexible and this morning we got a real dose of flexibility. We were awakened early this morning by thunder and rain and at 6:00 AM, it was doing just that. So, we shut off the alarm clock and turned over and went back to sleep. Flexibility. At 8:00 I woke up hungry and decided to go ahead and get up. It was still raining, but the thunder had passed. Valda woke up and we drove into Centerville and found a nice little cafe for breakfast.

View from the town square
By Joanna Poe from Munith, MI, USA – Centerville town square, CC BY-SA 2.0

Centerville is a unique town. It has what is billed as the ‘World’s Largest Town Square‘ and it surely is the largest one I’ve ever seen. They have two separate one way streets around the square, one each direction, separated by two rows of angle parking. Then the store fronts line all four streets and face the courthouse like everywhere else. It is pretty interesting watching the people negotiate the four corners where it is the only way out or into the inside road. There are no stoplights either.

Anyway, Valda decided to walk around the square before we returned to the starting point of the walk. It had stopped raining at this time and we decided to get in as many miles as we could. In about ten minutes, she came back to the RV and told me to get ready because I had a live radio interview right now. Radio station, KMGO, 98.7 FM has a studio on one corner of the square and she walked past and went in to see if they were interested in talking to me. They were!

Russ Ocker was the on air announcer and he did a 15 minute interview with me on his live show. He is live on their website, but I don’t know if they archive the shows, so don’t know if it is accessible to hear. It was a good interview and I want to thank Russ and his station for the opportunity.

We went out after that and I got in 10 miles for the day. I only walked about three and a half hours so I’m calling it a half day. I’ll do another ten miles on my regular day off this weekend and call it a half day too.

The rain never did come back today, but it looked like it could rain any minute all day long. The sky is a pretty pink and blue now and hopefully we’ll have no rain tomorrow. I don’t mind being flexible, but I’d just as soon not. My brother Ron is somewhere in the area, but he isn’t here as of right now. Should have some pictures of him and me walking tomorrow.

The old tractor was taken at a museum where we spent the night last night, and the little church is actually a rest area on Hwy 2. The church has six individual pews and a bench outside. It was pretty small.

Miles Covered: 10
Total Miles: 2,043.25
Money Found: $0.02
Total Found: $59.61