Day 136: Walking with Ron

Rick and Ron Hammersley Walking IowaToday I had the fortune to walk with my brother Ron again. He drove out from Indy and spent Thursday night with us and walked for a couple of hours on Friday, before leaving to go back home. We started the day with rain and had a delay but got going after breakfast. We went to our starting point in West Grove, IA at a little cafe, L&M Kwik Shop, and I want to thank Linda C., the owner for buying all of our breakfasts. Once we started walking, a pick-up pulled up beside me and slowed down and three men handed me a wad of money. The driver said “here you go” and pulled away. Ron asked me if this happened often and I told him not really, but it does happen. I think between the free breakfast and the three men in the truck that he sees how people have treated us all over the country. Later that day, Valda & I stopped at Southern Iowa Electric Co-op, Inc. to see if we could spend a short break in their parking lot. The lady in the lobby said yes and a few minutes later, Bob Weaklen came out and asked if he could take some pictures after we had our lunch. So he did, and after he finished he pulled out a handful of bills and said it was a donation from the Co-op. Amazing! All the money will be sent to Gateway very shortly. We had a very good lunch. Many thanks to Bob and the Co-op and many thanks to the three unknown men, and many thanks to Linda for all they did to make last Friday memorable. It is all much appreciated!

Miles Covered: 14 (in the rain)
Total Miles: 2,057.25
Money Found: $0.34
Total Found: $59.95