Day 138: Close to Illinois

Well, we are within a couple of days walking of the Mississippi River. Now I’ve crossed the Mississippi many times, all at a mile a minute (once on a ferry in New Orleans at about a mile in ten minutes), but on Tuesday I’m going to take it a bit slower. I figure it will take me about twenty minutes to cross over and I’m going to enjoy every minute. It will mark as far as I’m concerned, the separation point between the West and the East. I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

Today we got up in Cantril and took off toward Farmington. We stopped today about 5 miles from Donnelison and tomorrow we should get real close to Keokuk. Good weather was with us and we had a real productive day. I want to thank my brothers Don and Scott for distributing flyers around the Monument Circle in Indianapolis. They had to notify all the tenants on the Circle of our Sep. 6th event per the City of Indianapolis protocol. It is much appreciated.  Don’t forget the 10 laps for Cancer Research at Monument Circle in Indy, and the Bowl-o-thon later that day at the Beech Grove Bowl.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,097.25
Money Found: $0.11
Total Found: $60.28