Day 139: Four-Wheeling

Yesterday was a typical day I suppose. The cornfields were all around me and the gravel shoulders were always present. I was on three highways though, and that was a bit unusual. Also, Valda stopped and got some produce from a lady and her two daughters at their farm and I got a free ride on a 4-wheeler. It seems the lady, Karen of Alley Greenhouse on US 218 wanted to buy one of my books and wanted me to sign it. So, there I was, be-bopping along and these two pretty young girls offer me a ride. They said it was okay with my wife. Anyway, I want to thank Karen, Toni (the driver) & Molly for the produce, ride and for buying the book.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,117.25
Money Found: $0.46
Total Found: $60.74