Day 140: Close to Illinois

Currently, I am sitting 6 miles from the Mississippi River Bridge at Keokuk, IA. Valda & I took today off and got caught up with things and this morning we drove down to the bridge. Tomorrow, at about 9:30 AM or so, I should be walking across that bridge and enter Illinois. By all of our figuring, we should have 220 miles to walk across Illinois and then it’s into Indiana. But first, we have to cover that 6 miles in Iowa.

Today I had an interview with the Burlington Hawkeye. The article should be in the paper tomorrow and will be on our ‘media page’ in a few days. Thanks to Nick Bergin for coming out and talking with us.

So tomorrow we hit another state, our seventh. It’s always exciting to cross state lines and I believe the last of the big states is behind us. Hopefully the next eight states will go smoothly and we’ll be in NYC before you know it. If you are going to be in the NYC area sometime around the end of October, why not come out and walk the last mile with me. It promises to be an interesting time – probably fun too. 😀