Day 153: Coming Home

Rick Hammersley Walking Into IndianaI think it was Thomas Wolfe that said ‘you can’t go home again’. You are wrong Mr. Wolfe. Today I came home again – officially. I walked from Illinois into Indiana and just like that, I was home. By the way things are beginning to shape up, I’ll probably be in Indiana for a few days before I cross over into Ohio.

Today I walked through Danville, Illinois and actually did 18.25 miles in Illinois before I added almost 2 miles in Indiana to make my 20. The day went fairly well. It was a bit hot and humid and breezy. The narrow US 150 is now behind me and I am once more walking US 136. Hopefully the shoulders in Indiana will be a bit better than they were in Illinois. I will probably make it to somewhere around 30 miles from downtown Indy before I have to stop for all the events going on there this weekend. It looks like Gustav may impact Oklahoma instead of coming up and dumping rain on Indiana. Whatever happens on Saturday, we will step off at 8:00 AM sharp for our 10 laps for Cancer Research. By the way, there will be NO public restroom facilities at the Circle, so take care of that before you arrive. There will be bottled water and Xocai Protein Bars available to all participants.

I want to thank Sherman Smith, a Xocai distributor in Indy for all his tireless work on behalf of myself and Gateway. By reading his emails, Sherman has gone far beyond anywhere I would expect him or anyone else to go. Thank you Sherman, and I can’t wait to meet you. Also thanks to Susan Muller of Indy for all that she has/is doing on my behalf. It is friends like the two of you that makes doing this walk worthwhile. I also want to thank my brothers and wives for all they have done to help me out. I know we keep asking and asking and so far, you haven’t said no. It is much appreciated. I hope you know that.

I am currently 1.75 miles into Indiana. We will start Hoosier walking in earnest tomorrow. I can’t wait for the road to turn toward Indianapolis. Till tomorrow night!

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,355
Money Found: $0.36
Total Found: $67.56