Day 155: I Forgot About the Heat

I’ve been in Indiana for two days now and it has been two of the most miserable, weather wise, days I’ve had on the whole walk. I had forgotten about how hot and humid it could get here. Right now, it is raining and it has cooled down somewhat and if the guys on TV are correct, it should be cooler tomorrow. Thing is, they said that last night about today.

We are currently in Crawfordsville, IN and heading toward Indy. We will be done walking for a few days at tomorrow’s end, and should be somewhere around Jamestown, IN.

I also want to thank my former sister-in-law, Brenda Van Note for her hospitality in letting Valda & I spend our dinner break at her house in Veedersburg. Brenda saw me walking and pulled over to say ‘hi’ and really took me by surprise. We really appreciated the driveway and couple of hours of shade.

Today we picked up where we left off and made it all the way through Crawfordsville before the rain came and ended our walk. It was a mixed blessing; the rain felt good but it stopped my 20 miles per day streak. We got in 18 tough hot miles and I’m sort of glad I didn’t have to walk the last two.

Valda watched this grain elevator fill the train cars with corn and took this picture to share with us.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 2,393.25
Money Found: $0.28
Total Found: $68.14