Day 156: 20 Miles from Indy

I have stopped walking for the weekend. I am at mile marker 59 on US 136 in Boone Co., IN and have called it off till next Tuesday. The weekend has just about arrived and the events that I have been walking toward are just about here. Chris and Syndi are arriving tonight and tomorrow morning at 7:12 AM, I have my first live TV interview with Angela Ganote at Fox 59 in Indianapolis. Angela was there on the phone with me three hours before I started my walk, interviewing me on her live morning show. She talked to me in Fallon, NV and also in a small town in eastern Nebraska. When I knew I was going to be in Indy in early September, Angela is the one I called. I hope you all tune in and check it out.

Random Walking BuddiesToday was a much nicer day to walk here in Indiana. It was a bit muggy, but overcast and the temp stayed cool all day with a nice breeze. After lunch at around 2:00, it started raining and I walked the last 5 miles in that rain. With about 4 miles left to walk, I was joined by two ‘wild and crazy women’ who walked with me into Lizton. Jody D. and her friend Lisa H., both of Boone Co. came out and joined me just outside of Jamestown. Now Jody has been emailing me since I started the Walk and today I got to meet her. I want to thank her and Lisa for keeping me company and thanks to Jody for her donation to our gasoline expenses. It was a nice afternoon and the ice cream and expenses donation were both much appreciated.

Saturday is almost here and the walk around the Circle and Bowl-o-thon are quickly approaching. I hope to see all of you there for one or both events. And, if you can make it on Monday night, we are having a meeting in Carmel where I will speak about my experiences. After that, it is on to Ohio.

Miles Covered: 19
Total Miles: 2412.25
Money Found: $0.61
Total Found: $68.75