Day 158: A Special Day

Rick Hammersley Walks Monument Circle in IndianapolisI’m not too sure where to even start to describe this day.
As you know we had our 10 Laps for Cancer Research on Monument Circle this morning and by all accounts of everyone I asked, it was a pretty good success. There were somewhere between 75-80 people (or maybe a few more) who showed up and took part in this first ever event. We had bottled water provided by Connie Gardner of Marsh Supermarkets of Indiana and Xocai Protein Bars provided by Ed Mason of Xocai Healthy Chocolate. Thanks to both of you and your organizations for your support and help this morning.

Rick & Val Hammersley with Gary & Karen BarnardWe stepped off at about 8:05 AM and did our ten laps in about an hour. I heard from more than one person if I walked this slow on the road and the answer is no I don’t, but I normally don’t have 75 interesting people to talk to while I’m walking. I usually am just talking to myself or some cow or horse, and though that can be interesting (especially if I get into an argument), it just isn’t the same as talking to another person.  😝 😂

Many thanks go out to all of you who showed up and walked, took pictures or kept Valda company. I know there were several people who I didn’t know, but it was nice to see old friends and relatives and meet new friends too.

The Hammersley'sI will try and cover all the ‘thank you’s’ in an upcoming blog after we get all the info together, but I know now there will be some people I missed because of no info left. To those of you who fall into this category, I thank you for what you did today. Your contribution is much appreciated!

After the walk around the Circle, we all moved to the Beech Grove area for our Bowl-o-thon.  🎳 🎳 🎳   It too was a great success. We had some of the people from the Circle there and several more that I didn’t know. Thanks to Scott Seach and Ron Hammersley of the Beech Grove Bowl for all their help in making this event a success. I also learned today that they want to do the Bowl-o-thon next year and make it an annual event. I thank them for that also. Thanks to the Pepsi Bottling Co. for donating Pepsi products. Also thanks to the Budweiser Bottling Co. for donating items for the raffle. Thanks also to the people who provided the ice cream and pizzas🍕🍕🍕 to the B.G. Bowl for the event. Rick Walks America Bowl-a-ThonI also want to thank the Beech Grove Fire Dept. for having a fire engine on hand for the kids to look at. Everyone associated with this event worked hard and their effort is much appreciated. There were several items raffled off and congratulations to all the winners.

Tomorrow is another day off and hopefully I can get some rest. We do have a family get together tomorrow afternoon, but I think I might be able to steal a few minutes to put my feet up somewhere. I plan on walking a few miles on Monday and then it is on to the Xocai meeting in Carmel on Monday night. Normal walking will resume on Tuesday.