Day 166: I Don’t Like Ike

The slogan worked for Dwight David, but as far as I’m concerned his namesake on a hurricane can soon be forgotten. By the way, a little historical trivia: Did you know that Ike was actually named David Dwight Eisenhower? He didn’t like the name David so he switched them around. Woodrow Wilson did the same thing.

Rick Hammersley Walks Into OhioWell, we got into Ohio today at about 9:30 AM and have progressed to the 10 mile marker near the intersection of US 127 and US 40. We stopped here to take our lunch break and are still sitting here. Ike started blowing in and with 45 to 60 mile winds, I decided I was just no match for that. The winds blew me all over the road this morning and they weren’t anything like they are now. So far it has just sprinkled a bit and blown junk in the air, but I’m staying put until tomorrow.



Tomorrow, weather permitting, we move on toward that big blue ocean in the East. We should be pretty close to Dayton by day’s end. Check out the STATE STATS to get caught up on Illinois. We will post Indiana’s stats in a few days. Sorry about the lag.

Miles Covered: 10.5
Total Miles: 2,517.75
Money Found: $0.37
Total Found: $71.60