Day 185: Outta Pittsburgh

U of PennsylvaniaToday’s walk was mostly uneventful. I’ve finally gotten out of the Pittsburgh influence and the terrain has gradually turned back into a rural setting. I was on a hill today and saw mountains in the far off distance to the east. I’m not sure how far away they were, but I didn’t get into them today.

I will be having a major route change in three or four days. US 22 is designated a limited access highway in a lot of places in PA, and I just decided to go a different way once I get to Altoona. The highway became limited in Steubenville, OH and was that way all through WV, and PA to just outside of east Pittsburgh. Finally, we could get back on it and be okay to just west of Altoona, but then it picked up again on the other side of Altoona and was limited all the way to Harrisburg. I’ll post our new route later in the week as we get closer to it. It will take me a bit north of the old route and utilize state roads, but at least I don’t have to worry about the police stopping me and escorting me off. That wouldn’t be a good thing.


Miles Covered: 16
Total Miles: 2,816.5
Money Found: $0.26
Total Found: $78.79