Day 187: Walkin’ Down the 4-Lane

PA 4-LaneToday was the day following a day off, and generally, I am a little draggie on those days, but today, we broke out of an early fog and it was a clear sky and sunshine and I hotfooted it across 18.5 miles of Pennsylvania. Now, I might have done more, but I’m in hills and when the sun goes down, it gets dark in a real hurry. The sun set here at 6:51 PM tonight and by 7:15, it was too dark to safely walk. Valda keeps saying you’re going to have to start walking earlier, but there is no earlier. I’ve cut my breaks way down as is and I’m sure not going to walk all day with just some piddly little half hour break. So, the 20 milers are probably a thing of the past.

Stone Bridge PAI had a nice eight foot shoulder with rumble strips all morning, and then in the afternoon, I got into road construction and actually had a whole side of the road to myself for the last 7 miles. That was extremely nice. I always love it when those trucks and cars have a ten foot lane, two way traffic, and no passing, and I’m walking the other side of the road that is about 30-40 foot wide. Kinda makes me feel important. Anyway, I take it when I can get it and it hasn’t happened since Illinois and has happened very few times on the walk at all.


Miles Covered: 18.5
Total Miles: 2,835
Money Found: $0.41
Total Found: $79.20