Day 198: I’m Shamokin!

Walking that 3001st MileNo, I didn’t misspell the word in the title. Shamokin is the name of the small town we will be walking through tomorrow. It’s a curious name and I wonder where it came from. Anyway, tomorrow morning we will be smokin’ through Shamokin. This morning, as I stated yesterday, I passed the 3000 mile mark of my walk! This happened at noon, not 10:40 as I thought, due to rain and a little puny feeling I woke up with. Valda took a picture of me as I left to start my 3001st mile.

We had to say goodby to SR 45 yesterday. Pennsylvania CountrysideIt was a really neat trip through this part of PA and I encourage anyone to take that road if they are ever in this area – especially in the Fall. The farm scenes are spectacular and there are good restaurants dotting the landscape here and there. It was a mighty fine journey. Today I continued on US 15 to Sunbury, crossed the Susquehanna River at Sunbury and finally ended up just a little south of Paxinos. I want to thank J. J. and Jim who work at the Sunoco complex just south of Paxinox for letting us spend the night in their parking lot.

Scenic PA VistaAs stated, it was a gloomy day for the most part and rained some on us this morning. These days are really the pits because it gets dark way too early and impedes my walking. It was actually too dark to safely walk at around 4:00 PM today. But, between the darkness coming early and my rough feelings, I managed to get in 17.25 miles. Not a bad day for an old guy.

After tomorrow, we are taking Saturday off. We will be in Locust Lake S. P. about 30 miles from where we are at the present. I don’t know about the broadband service there, but if it is available, I will post Ohio and W.V. stats. If not, I’ll try and get them next week. No blog tomorrow night – sorry.

Top picture shows me walking at 3,000 miles, the bottom two pictures Valda took overlooking a valley. She couldn’t get the total view in one frame. Pretty neat.

Miles Covered: 17.25
Total Miles: 3,009.25
Money Found: $0.38
Total Found: $81.07