Day 13: Walking Buddies!

Walking Buddies

Chuck & Jan Join Rick Hammersley as he walks through the Sierra Nevadas.

Yesterday, Valda & I hooked up with old Southern Cross buddies, Chuck & Jan. I worked with them in Chattanooga last Spring (2007). They are currently working in Merced, CA and decided to walk a day with me. They split the day and Jan out-walked Chuck: 7.5 miles to 7 miles. They seemed to have a good time and that night, after they left for Merced, Valda & I spent the night with Stand-by Sam, Donald Randall of Pioneer, CA. He was very gracious and let us have a full hook-up in his driveway. It’s always nice to meet other RV’ers and especially ones who are interesting. Donald has been RV’ing for over 40 years and if it hadn’t been for a fall in January, he probably would have been out in his rig the day we stopped. Thanks Donald for your hospitality!

Miles Covered: 16.5
Total Miles: 183.25
Money Found: $1.88
Total Found: $14.23