Day 34: The Rain Cometh

2014-09-08 12 30 23 View west along U.S. Route 50 about 48.4 miles east of the Churchill County line at Hickison Summit, NevadaThe day started out really good with mild temps and sunny skies and a light breeze. I made some good time and we ate lunch at Hickison Summit. While eating, the skies turned to lead and it started raining pretty good. I thought I would be walking in the rain in the afternoon, but it stopped and I actually had a dry afternoon, with sprinkles just now and then 🙂  The Toiyabe Mountains are behind me and rival the Sierras in beauty and height. They are about 35 miles behind me, but look a lot closer!

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 500.75
Money Found: $0.27
Total Found: $18.50