Day 36: Can you hear me now????

Walking Through Eureka, NevadaWe are in Eureka, NV – population around 600. Not much here, but they do have a casino, two gas stations, two small campgrounds and a post office. They actually have more than that, but it was a bit of a let down after looking forward to getting here for the last four days.

We are sitting in a Nevada Historical Marker pull off and as you can tell, I have broadband! 🙂 Valda said to get it quick before it gets dark in case the broadband goes away. I don’t think that’ll happen, but I know what she means. The trip from Austin to Eureka covered around 70 miles and I’m not sure we had cell service for half that trip. I’d like to get that guy in the TV commercials for Verizon who goes around with a phone to his ear saying “can you hear me now?” He could walk in front of me and every 15 feet I’d say to him “can you hear ME now???” Then I’d poke him in the ribs with my walking stick. 😈

I just walked till 2:30 today. We had to empty holding tanks, fill up with water and try and find it propane (which we didn’t). Now we have to go all the way to Ely (78 miles) on about a half tank. Hope doesn’t get cold.

To Mary Kate of Miami: I blog every night into my documents MS Word and save them when I can’t get on the Internet. I do record into my phone, but mainly I just remember things.

Miles Covered: 13.75
Total Miles: 534.5
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $18.54