Day 45: Nevada is History!

Rick as he stands at the Nevada-Utah border

At about 4:00 PM Nevada time today, l crossed into Utah. I immediately lost an hour, so I went back into Nevada and am staying at a campground that straddles the border. I have no idea what time it is. Tomorrow though, I set out and will be on Mountain Time for the next several weeks.

The last couple of days have really been a struggle. Today was downhill most all the way, but I had to deal with the same 35 mph headwind for most of it. Even if the wind is at your back or side, it is difficult to walk in it. The wind just comes up out of nowhere and is blowing full force in about two minutes. It’s just plain weird.
I find it hard to believe I’ve walked across two states. I remember about three weeks ago when I Nevada and now it is history. It is a very pretty state and probably gets severely overlooked by everyone who just thinks of it as a large casino. The people here have gone out of their way to be helpful and my preconceptions about walking and dry camping by the side of the road in the desert were misconceptions. Everything went about as smoothly as you could expect. I will have the stats on Nevada by the next time I get to blog. We are heading into a 80+ mile stretch where we probably won’t have broadband or phones. I’ll blog when I can.
Miles Covered: 16.75
Total Miles: 687.75
Money Found: $0.01
Total Found: $19.56