Day 46: Utah, here we come!

U.S. Route 50 Between Delta, Utah and Nevada BorderOkey-dokey…we are in Utah, the state of mystery to me. I was in St. George, UT in 1979 for about an hour. That’s the extent of my Utah experience – until now. We left Nevada on Friday the 16th and walked three days in the most desolate real estate I’ve ever seen. I saw a few lizards and one jack rabbit that looked like he would give Big Brown a run for his money. The scenery has definitely changed since we crossed over…it’s drier and the plant life is more sparse. We did run into a grove of scrub pine trees and camped there for one night, but trees are a scarce commodity in these parts.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 705.75
Money Found: $0.81
Total Found: $20.37