Day 62: Bring on the Rockies

Sprinklers, Meadows & MountainsWell, I trudged and trudged and sweated and sweated and finally made it to the summit at Indian Canyon, elevation 9114′.  I saw a sign for the traffic coming toward me and I looked at it and it said 8% grade next 4.5 miles. Now the 8% grade was not a shock, but the 4.5 miles sure seemed like about 10 to me. What a climb. I imagine this is how the Rockies will be all the way through Colorado.

I met a rancher this morning, Quint Pickup (that’s his last name). I was walking on Emma Park Road, a county road that wound its way through his property. Quint raises cattle and it looked like he had a few oil wells too. Anyway, he stopped to see if I needed help and we talked for a few minutes. I asked him if he had to deal with cattle rustling, and he told me he had a Brahma bull rustled last year right under his nose. He said he thinks he knows who did it, but proving it is another thing. I enjoyed talking with Quint and appreciate his concern for my safety.

I also met Don of Vernal who stopped and inquired about my needing a ride. Don is a 62 year old grandfather who has had cancer in his family. We talked for a few minutes and he told me he was going to have his daughter contact a couple of TV stations in Salt Lake for a story. It’s people like Don and Quint that make this walk enjoyable.

Tomorrow we start out downhill. We have about 30 miles to Duchesne where we connect with US 40. We’ll be on US 40 the rest of the way through Utah and into Colorado. We will then go away from 40 and pick it up once more in Indiana. I couldn’t believe we have broadband here on this mountain, and hope we have it again tomorrow.

This was a neat picture I took a couple of days ago.  I was riding in the RV and am surprised it turned out so well.  It was through my max zoom and was probably about a mile away.

Miles Covered: 17.5
Total Miles: 925.5
Money Found: $0.47
Total Found: $26.79