Day 88: Mountains, Be Gone!

How about that – the mountains are behind me! 👋  🏔  👍  🎉  I walked around a mountain, crossed a cattle guard and out in front of me stretched the flatness I’ve been looking for since I left Bodega Bay. All the hills and mountains are now a thing of the past, at least until I reach Pennsylvania. People have told me I’ll get bored, but I think the plains are going to be a glorious change of pace.

I’ve stopped for the weekend just short of Ft. Collins, about four miles from town. We are staying at Lakeside KOA near the town of LaPorte. It is a pretty large campground with sights of the mountains I’ve just walked through. I want to thank Craig Sisco and his partners at the KOA for comping us two nights! I continue to marvel at these campgrounds that go out of their way to help us. It is much appreciated. Thanks also to Jim and Teri T. who are in the KOA for the summer and approached Craig on our behalf. We met Jim & Teri over the internet and today we finally met them face to face. They took us out to dinner and we thank them for that also. Thanks also goes out to Vicky & Delbert S. of Ft. Collins who gave us a donation to Gateway in honor of Carol Sorensen, a cancer survivor.  It too, is much appreciated!

Personal to Maiz K. and Mike & Marjie R. of Indianapolis for the money they donated to us for our gas and food expenses. It is also much appreciated. Also thanks to the mystery donor who left $20 bucks on our RV step. I don’t know who you are, but I thank you very much!

Saturday and Sunday are days off. My two brothers Ron and Don are here from Indianapolis.  They are on a 6,000+ mile (road) trip through the West. I’ve talked about what I’ve been seeing so much they wanted to see it too. They plan to drive part of my route from Spanish Fort, UT to eastern Colorado. I might even get them to walk with me for a mile or two. It is really good to see them.

Nic and Jude, I finally got Grandma to take a bath. No more blogs till Monday night. I can’t believe I’m out of the mountains.

Miles Covered: 14.75
Total Miles: 1,319.75
Money Found: $1.32
Total Found: $41.68