Day 101: Into Nebraska

Entering NebraskaWe entered Nebraska today and so far, the terrain has been rolling hills with a lot of up and down walking. There have been a lot of hay fields, corn fields, wheat fields and pastures full of cattle. I get passed by large trucks full of grain and sometimes these trucks pass and it smells just like beer – stale beer. I think they might be full of barley or hops. If anyone knows what it might be, let me know.

The days have been pretty hot, but the walking has been good. We need to be in Hastings, NE on July 23rd where daughter Syndi and family will hook up with us for three or four days. That’ll be nice. 😀

Valda & I are doing great. I’ve now lost 43 pounds and I promise I won’t bore you with constant updates on that subject, but you’ll know when I hit 50. Valda got bit by a fire ant a couple of days ago taking a picture of a red barn picture. I’m glad she didn’t flinch and ruin the shot. She’s okay now and spent an hour in Wal-Mart this morning getting her shopping fix taken care of. The farm picture shows how they make those big round bales of hay, and of course the Nebraska sign is self-explanatory.

Miles Covered: 20.5
Total Miles: 1,516.25
Money Found: $0.57
Total Found: $53.36