Day 113: Halfway to the Atlantic!

Rick Swimming with Nic & Jude in Hastings NebraskaWell, we’re in Hastings! We got into town around 11:00 this morning and after a short break, I did another TV interview, this time with KHAS-TV Channel 5 of Hastings, the local NBC affiliate. I want to thank Jennifer Berry for the interview and the opportunity to spread the word of what I’m doing. Later in the day, I had a newspaper interview with John Huthmacher of the Hastings Tribune. That should come out tomorrow and I want to thank John for that. After all of that, and by the way, this all came after a 9 mile walk this morning, then I went swimming. What a day. 😀

I also want to thank Don & Mary B. of Hastings for arranging some of the interviews, and doing some legwork for us while we will be here. Don actually came out and walked the last 8 miles with me this morning and that brought back memories of his and my walking together while I was here working in 2004 and 2006. Thanks Don.

I passed a field full of Texas Longhorns this morning and stopped and took some pictures. I was surprised to see Longhorns this far north and I wondered if there are any Nebraska Cornhuskers wandering around the hills of Texas. Then I got to thinking, what exactly is a cornhusker? I know what a corn husk is and I know that if you remove that husk, you are shucking the corn, not husking it. I asked Don what a cornhusker was and he didn’t know either. He said he just rooted for the football team. So, if anyone out there knows what a cornhusker is, let me know.

In the next few days I am supposed to have some more newspaper and a radio interview. I’ll keep you posted. Check out the Media Page and Video page for links to these after they happen.

The bottom picture was taken in Kenesaw, NE. It shows an old gas station. If anyone out there knows what the brand of that station was, let me know. I have four brothers who know because our Dad owned one in Indianapolis in the early 60’s.  Hint: The sign gives it away.

Miles Covered: 9
Total Miles: 1,711.25
Money Found: $0.34
Total Found: $56.64