Nebraska Stats!

Nebraska Walking Trail

Nebraska was a nice change of pace for me. No mountains to contend with and the walk mainly went through rural areas dotted here and there with small towns. We had a halfway layover in Hastings and it was nice to see old friends and family. The heat and humidity was tough but I know that in a month or so, fall weather will be with us. Once more the people I met made the walk memorable. The scenery may change from ocean to mountains to desert, but the generosity of strangers never changes. The people are a States’ best asset. Thanks to the TV stations and radio station and several newspapers for their interest. Your coverage makes my job so much easier. All in all, it was a great experience.

Here are the stats from my walk through Nebraska:

  • Miles Walked: 354.25
  • Average Miles per Day: 18
  • % of Walk Completed: 58%
  • Days Walked: 19.75
  • Days Off: 5.25
  • Money Found: $5.54
  • Average Money Found per Day: $0.28
  • Average Money Found per Mile: $0.015
  • Counties Walked Through: 12 (Dundy, Hitchcock, Red Willow, Furnas, Phelps, Kearney, Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Saline, Lancaster, Otoe)
  • State Highways Walked: 3
  • US Highways Walked: 2
  • County Roads Walked: 2
  • Major bridges Crossed: 1/2 (Bridge over Missouri River/Other Half Goes to Iowa 😉
  • Most Unusual Find: Estwing Carpenter Claw Hammer (almost new, $35.00)