Day 143: Route Change, No Shortcut

Today we left Carthage and took a route change south of town and out in the country. I found an alternate way to go that let me bypass Macomb, kept me out of some road construction, and put me on a seldom traveled country road. It wasn’t a shortcut, but it was pretty good. We spent the night at the farm of Rosie & Duane S. somewhere off that country road and we want to thank them for their hospitality. When you get done walking and you stop at a random farmhouse that looks like they have a lot of room, you never know what to expect when you knock on the door and ask them if you can borrow part of their driveway for the night. So far, everyone we’ve asked have been more than gracious, and the Rosie & Duane were no exception. Thanks to them for a good night’s rest. Check out the barn I passed on this ‘shortcut’. Took some doing to get that looking right.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,177
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $62.54