Day 145: Walking Along

Walking in the HazeToday I crossed over the Illinois River at Havana on a bridge I was apparently not supposed to walk over. I did not see any signs telling me not to, and I would not have been any wiser if it hadn’t been for some guy in a truck stopping and informing me. I thanked him and kept walking. No problem. We got through Havana and stopped for the night at a really nice roadside park with a lot of trees. We are about 8 miles east of Havana and are 90 miles exactly into Illinois. What a week.

Valda bought a watermelon from a guy in a pickup truck today and we’ve been eating on it all day. She’s spied a roadside market with cantaloupe and will probably end up with one of those tomorrow. It’s hard to pass up all this home-grown produce.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,214
Money Found: $0.27
Total Found: $63.15