Day 150: Sunday AM Before the Sunrise

The title above says it all. On Sunday morning at 5:00 AM I will be on the radio in Indianapolis. I will also be on the Internet on a live stream, so everyone everywhere will be able to get up before the chickens and listen in. Afterward, I will be asking questions about the interview so I expect all of you to know the answers.

I had the radio interview with Kelly Vaughn this morning. She works for radio station B 105.7 FM and the interview will also be on stations 1070 AM The Fan, and 97.1 FM, Hank. These stations are in Indy. If you Google 1070 AM The Fan, you should get their website where they do live streaming of the radio show. Now, I haven’t done this yet and I’m not sure exactly what you do, but Kelly said to Google the info above and you should get the radio station’s website.

Today was a good day for walking. It was a bit warm and too humid, but I got the 20 miles in and am sitting in Mansfield, IL for the night. We should be in Champaign tomorrow evening. US 150 is a narrow road with no shoulders whatsoever. I have about twelve inches of pavement between the grass (weeds) and the white line. Thankfully it runs about a half mile from I-74 and there isn’t much traffic and no semi traffic at all.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,295
Money Found: $0.38
Total Found: $65.88