Day 160: A Family Affair

Scott & Rick HammersleyToday I met with my three brothers who live here and we all went to the little town of Lizton and they walked with me (Don acted as chauffeur – he pulled rank on the other two). Ron and I walked a total of 8 miles and Scott joined us for the first time and did a brisk 3 miles. It was really neat walking with them again and if Valda doesn’t watch it, Ron is going to have walked about as much on this Walk as she has!Don, Scott & Ron Hammersley


We also had our last fundraiser in the Indy area. There was a Xocai sponsored meeting in Carmel that featured yours truly as the main speaker. They wanted to hear about the Walk, my experiences during it, how Healthy Chocolate has impacted me health wise, and information about Gateway. About an hour after I took the podium, I believe everyone knew all about my Walk. The audience was great and even laughed at a couple of my jokes. I want to thank everyone who was there and it was very good talking to a lot of you one on one. Many thanks to those who took time to come up and say hello. I also want to thank those who worked hard to put the event on in the first place. Sherm & Ruth Smith, Ed Mason, Joyce Kleinman, and Susan Muller all helped stir the pot and many thanks go out to them. I also want to thank all the people who helped sell raffle tickets and of course all the people who bought raffle tickets. And I want to thank all those who attended, both Xocai people and guests. It was really nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I know I speak on behalf of Gateway For Cancer Research in thanking each and everyone of you who had anything to do with last night.

We had a surprise visit by Ellen Whitt of Gov. Mitch Daniel’s office. Ms. Whitt presented Valda & me with ‘INShape Indiana’ T-shirts and thanked me on behalf of the governor for what I am doing. It certainly is nice to know that people in high places are aware of small efforts and recognize them. Many thanks to Gov. Daniels and Ms. Whitt for taking the time to say ‘thanks’ to me. It will not soon be forgotten.

Miles Covered: 8
Total Miles: 2,420.25