Day 162: Breaks Over – Get Walkin’

As the title indicates, the Indy break is over and I have to be in NYC on Nov 1 & 2, no ifs, ands or buts about it. So, the 20 mile days are here again and I plan on stringing a bunch of them in a row!

Walking Over RiverI am currently just east of Gem, Indiana about 10 miles west of Greenfield, home of poet James Whitcomb Riley. I should be in Greenfield tomorrow morning and then it is on towards Knightstown. Ohio looms just over the horizon. Today I started at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and then very shortly I was in downtown Indianapolis. I took another half lap around the Monument Circle and went a block south and hit my old friend US 40. I last walked US 40 in Colorado and parted from it when I turned north on Colorado SR 14 after walking over Rabbit Ears Pass. I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. Anyway, I picked it back up today and should be on it until I get to Cambridge, OH where I will turn north on US 22 and head toward Pittsburgh.

I can’t believe this walk is almost over. Thinking back to all the places I’ve walked through and the sights I’ve seen and the people I’ve met, it is amazing that I’ve come this far in such a short time. If you could drive in a car at sixty miles an hour non-stop from where I am to where I started, you could drive it in less than two days. And if you turned the car around and drove from here to Coney Island, NY, you’d be there in about 13 hours. That’s the part that excites me. No matter how much I enjoy doing this, I am ready to get it over with. New York is going to be exciting. I hope you can join me for that last mile.  😀

As mentioned in an earlier blog, we are still compiling the list of “thank you’s” for this past weekend. Valda had a funeral to go to today and didn’t get it done. I have people who did things for us, people who gave us donations both for Gateway and for our gas fund, and people who drove some distance to take in an event. When we feel we have a complete list, we will post it on a blog and properly thank everyone.

Tomorrow we move 20 miles closer to my Friday evening talk in Centerville. If you want to attend this free event, see the previous blog for address, time, etc. I hope you can make it and if you do make sure you come up and introduce yourself.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,450.25
Money Found: $0.30
Total Found: $70.41