Day 164: Giving Thanks

Back to my acknowledgements from last weekend. I think I have them all together but there are probably going to be people I miss. It isn’t intentional, and if you will email me through the website, I’ll correct the slight. First of all, people who donated to Gateway either at the Circle, Bowl-o-thon, at the Xocai event in Carmel, or elsewhere: Claire Parker, Sylvia VanFossan, Lisa & Curtis Boone & family, John VanFossan, Jorenda Hammersley, Stephanie Judge, James & Lauri Money, Angie from Indianapolis, Dave & Donna Sease, Harold Swartz, Cheri & John Wilson, Bennie Schuman, John & Terri Lynch, Lauren and Megan Fasig, Judy Fasig, Maggie & Sarah, Dave & Myrna Galbraith, Bob Morrow & Mary Livingston, Steve & Penny Bennie, Leon Littlejohn & his three, four legged kids, Mario, Charley, and Cowboy, plus the mayor of New Ross, IN. Many thanks to all of you and as you know, it is much appreciated.

People who donated to Valda’s Gas Fund: Dave & Susie Scott, George & Jackie Ruddick, Maize Knox, Scott & Brenda Hammersley, Brenda Van Note, and Ron Hammersley, Again, I may have missed someone and if I did, let me know.

Now I know there were people who dropped money into the Gateway box at the Circle and also people who bowled at the Bowl-o-thon. I may not be aware of each individual contribution, but thanks if you donated or bowled. It is much appreciated.

Thanks to Patti & Dennis Smith of Indianapolis for matching my ‘money found’ up to 100% in the memory of their daughter, Shonda. Thanks much and it is much appreciated.

Valda ran into a couple yesterday, Dick & Irene Kocher of Indy. They have been following the blog for some time and took the time to track down Valda and tell her. Thanks for your tenacity.

Thanks to Centerville U.M.C. for the use of their church facilities for our Friday night talk. We found out that it is hard to compete with local high school football, but I want to thank all who attended and especially Myrna Galbraith for all your work in setting it up. Thanks also to Bob Morrow for making me sound good and for making the slide show work like it should.


Miles Covered: 17
Total Miles: 2,487.25
Money Found: $0.05
Total Found: $71.06