Day 183: Steelertown is Dead Ahead

Bridge They Weren't Supposed to Walk OverTomorrow I will walk through the downtown of Pittsburgh. I am about 10 miles from downtown right now and should get there in the morning session. It has been tricky trying to get there from here because I cannot walk US 22. The road has all the appearances of an Interstate but it isn’t. Still, I can’t walk it and am forced to walk old Hwy 22 which is windy and narrow. Once I get through Pittsburgh though, I will be able to walk Hwy 22 again until I hit the Harrisburg area.

Well it has turned rather frigid here in Western PA. I had to put my good Ol’ Oklahoma State sweatshirt on for the first time since Colorado. I’m not too sure it got out of the 50’s today and it rained off and on and even hailed for a few minutes this afternoon. It was a day that made coffee taste so good. We are still picking our way through the metro area with the help of my brother/route planner, Don. We are trying to get to the Churchill area of Pittsburgh without too much out of the way walking where we can pick up the highway again.Granny Chair It’s pretty tough walking and having to look at street signs at the same time. In Nevada, I didn’t have to do that.

I believe I will be having a newspaper interview tomorrow morning and will let you know about that in tomorrow’s blog. For now, not much is happening so I think I will end and have something hot to drink.

The bridge is the one Ron & I couldn’t walk yesterday (but we did anyway). Notice the rocking chair for Granny in the back of the Clampett truck.

Miles Covered: 16.25
Total Miles: 2781.75
Money Found: $0.30
Total Found: $77.80