Day 189: Getting Lost in PA

Elevation in PAToday went pretty well until I went out to walk after dinner. I was in Ebensburg and took what I thought was the route to Munster, Alternate Hwy 22. Well, I went down a ways and realized I was heading to somewhere I didn’t want to go. So, I made a call to my brother Don and he pulled the Google Map up and told me that indeed I was heading the wrong way and that I could continue and go a half mile out of the way or backtrack and get back on US 22. So, here I was facing a decision I don’t like, walk too far or walk West. I walked West and got back on US 22 and continued toward where I should have been going the half hour previous.

Today was just like all the rest of the days lately. It started out cold, got colder as I climbed a summit (picture), and finally in the afternoon, it got halfway warm. Then after dinner, it started getting cold again. I just wonder where Fall went. The leaves are beginning to change in this area and will be pretty in a week or so, but the warm sunny days are not where I am. If I want to get warm, I have to climb a summit.

Clark Gable's Boyhood HomeTomorrow we should be in or real close to Altoona. I will be off US 22 after about 4 miles tomorrow and will be on that Alternate 22 that goes South of Altoona. I’ll hook back up with US 22 on the East side of Altoona. Things are going good and Valda & I are getting real antsy to see the ocean. The walk has been everything we thought it would be, but 7 months is a long time to do something like this. We are ready to have it come to an end, take a few weeks off, and then figure out what we are going to do.

Personal to Penny Bennie and her friends, Kathy Nicols, Sharon Williams, Carolyn Hamann, Judy Hoeping and Dianna O’Rourke. These people were responsible for generating $170.00 for Gateway For Cancer Research through pledges at our 10 Laps for Cancer Research at Monument Circle in Indianapolis on Sep. 6. Many thanks to all and especially to Penny who walked the 10 laps. Every time I talk to Penny, the amount goes up, so I’m going to call her every week 😀

The bottom picture is Clark Gable’s boyhood home in Ohio.

Miles Covered: 16.5
Total Miles: 2,869.5
Money Found: $0.10
Total Found: $79.34