Day 192: A Little Fog…

Spooky Barn by FogAfter spending the night in a church parking lot next to a cemetery, we got up on Friday morning surrounded by a dense fog. I walked down to the highway just to see if I could walk and took a few pictures of the church and graveyard and our RV setting back in the haze. It was an eerie feeling but made for some great pictures. I had to delay my walking by about a half hour, but I got started and had a pretty good day. I connected with St. Rd. 45 and started walking toward State College. SR 45 is a pretty good road, with a 3′-5′ wide shoulder and not near the traffic that US 22 had. So far the only trucks have been farm trucks, and I’ve seen nary a dump truck.Spooky, Foggy Hills in PA

We finished the day in the small town of Grayville, then took off for a two night and one day stay at Greenwood Furnace St. Park about 25 miles away over a mountain ridge.

It is interesting that out West, most of the pictures we took were of something Mother Nature created. Here in the East, most of the pictures are of things man or woman has created. I’m not sure why that is, but it is.


Miles Covered: 17.5
Total Miles: 2,920
Money Found: $0.26
Total Found: $80.22