Day 201: Coal Country, PA

Day Off in PAWe’ve stopped for the night about 2 miles east of Frackville and are heading toward Hwy 54 just east of Mahanoy City. We will then head toward Hometown and points east. This morning I started out in Mt. Carmel and took a windy mountain road named Snake Road. The only life on that road this morning besides myself was a bunch of wild turkeys. They were all over the place. Valda tried to get a picture of them, but they wouldn’t strike the pose. When I got over the mountain, I arrived at Ashland and looked back at a sign that said Mt. Carmel was 6 miles, on Hwy 61. The mountain road was only 3 miles and thus saved me 3 miles of walking. I like that. đŸ˜€

New Jersey is in sight, and we may have another route change. I’ll keep you posted.

Miles Covered: 13.5
Total Miles: 3,035.75
Money Found: $0.01
Total Found: $81.48