Day 208: Scouting Outing

dscf4547Well, today was quite a day. It started out at about 9:00 AM when I took off from a local ice cream shop with three Boy Scouts, and two leaders (their dads). By the time we went a mile, I picked up five more scouts and another leader. They just kept coming out of the woodwork. BSA Troop #200 from Annandale, NJ joined me Sunday and walked a total of 10.7 miles with me. This enabled those Scouts who were there to earn credit towards two merit badges and the good time we all had was thrown in for free. dscf4554Thanks go out to Leader Tom L. for setting up this event (he actually emailed me about it in June) and thanks to all who showed up and partook. After the 10+ miles, we all chowed down at a local pizza restaurant. I want to thank the troop for the money donated to Gateway through ‘money found’ along the route, and for the nice donation to Valda’s gas fund. Also thanks for the pizza lunch and the great company 😀

dscf4571After the walk on Sunday morning, I decided to visit a local ER to see if I could get rid of an intestinal bug I’ve been fighting a while. Well, we all know what ER’s are like, and about six hours later, I finally got out of there. It turned out to be a little more than I was expecting, but hopefully I’m on the road to better health. More later on this adventure.



Miles Covered: 12.25
Total Miles: 3,116.5
Money Found: $3.83
Total Found: $90.77