Day 4

We have really had a great week of weather. It started out a little chilly, but finally crept up to the 7o’s by Thursday. Friday it was a bit windy and I kept my sweatshirt on all day. It probably got up to around 60 or so. Anyway, it was delightful weather to walk.

Here's the first bridge Rick Hammersley crossed on his walk.

First bridge Rick Hammersley crossed on his walk.

I passed over my first bridge of any real size, a bridge on Hwy 12 over the Napa River just south of the town of Napa. It was around a half mile long, and seemed a pretty long way down to the water. Glad didn’t have to find out how far.

Yesterday’s walk was good. I passed a lot of vineyards on the way from Sonoma to Napa. The road was very narrow in a lot of places and I didn’t spend too much time looking around. But, I got through that and now I hope the road to Fairfield will be a little wider.Sonoma Vineyards Once I get past Suisan City I should have a pretty straight shot to Lodi where I pick up Hwy 88 and head in earnest toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Personal note to Malachy…thank you so much for the offer to match my money found. I got you yesterday for an additional $2.10. The charity is Gateway For Cancer Research and you can check out their website.

Again, thanks to all for the comments and emails. I can’t answer the comments, but be assured I read every one of them. It is great to get them and I really do cherish the fact that everyone is following my progress so closely. If you would like to see some comment from me about something or the other, let me know. More later. Right now, I’m going out to breakfast!

Miles Covered: 16
Total Miles: 63.5
Money Found: $2.10
Total Found: $4.79