Day 5: What??? A Day Off…Already?!

Soscol Cafe

Breakfast at the Soscol Cafe in Napa

It’s Saturday – you bet I’m taking a day off. I know I’ve only walked for 4 days, but my body tells me to take a day and smell the roses. Actually, we have some laundry to do, some grilling to do, some wounds to lick and we want to see Sonoma and Napa a bit before we get too far away. Also, it is supposed to be nice here today and I’m going to stay off the busy roads till tomorrow. We are currently on Hwy 12, about four miles outside of Napa. I stopped at the entrance of the Chardonnay Golf Club. We are heading toward Fairfield and Suisan City. Thanks my brother Don, a way to Suisan City has been found that will keep me off the railroad tracks. I appreciate that.

I measure my mileage by a pedometer and so far it seems to be fairly accurate. We tried to do it with the odometer on the RV, but with backtracking and visits up a driveway to a winery (Valda did this while I was out hoofin’ it 😉 it became too confusing. So, I think the mileage is pretty close,  but anyway it will have to do.

A few things l wanted to mention: I have been having some mental fun with observing what is on California’s roads. There has been surprisingly little trash as far as cans, bottles and paper, etc. are concerned. However, I have seen a lot of the following in no particular order:

  • washers
  • nails
  • bolts/screws
  • wood
  • bungee cords
  • lead weights for car wheels
  • hubcaps
  • banana peels

I’ve seen other stuff too, but these items really repeat themselves.

A Monster Truck trying to back out of a small parking space in Napa!

A Monster Truck trying to back out of a small parking space in Napa!

Breakfast at the Soscol Cafe in Napa was all I was told it would be. Go hungry and be prepared to wait. What a treat! By the way, Valda & I are thinking about trading our RV in for a truck like the one below. It took the guy about five minutes to maneuver his way out of the parking lot. I thought with a truck like that you just ran over the other cars!