Day 7: The Road Less Traveled

Val Hammersley taking b-roll video of Rick's Walk.

Val Hammersley taking b-roll video of Rick’s Walk.

Highway 12 in California. What a road. It starts near the Pacific ocean, winds itself through hills and dales and through small towns and cities. It then goes through all the vineyards you would ever want to see and then flattens out and travels through fields of wheat, fields of sheep and cattle. The road is narrow, wide, twisty, straight; it goes up hills, down hills – and is very heavily traveled. The part of it l was on today was nothing like I’ve ever been on before. The road between Suisan City and Vista is about 20 miles long, fenced tightly on both sides, one lane each way with a barrier between the lanes preventing cars from passing. It is straight, fast and narrow. So narrow, in fact, that for the better part of today I had to walk off the shoulder and make my way through the gravel area laced with knee high weeds. It was a blast :/ I have heard the road from Rio to Lodi is just the same. Sigh 😦

I had a pretty good day despite the walking surface. Made nearly 17 mlles and felt good doing it. My back has stopped hurting and the blisters are just about gone. The Etonic Jeparas are comfortable and really feel good after walking several miles. The bright orange Beech Grove Bowl shirts are exceptional and can really be seen a long way off. All in all, I’m pretty happy 🙂

Motoring in Wine CountryThanks to a couple of campgrounds for discounting or comping our campsites. They are Skyline Wilderness Campground in Napa and Delta Marina RV Park here in Rio Vista.

Thanks also to DT of Brownsburg, IN for her matching funds on my money found. I’ve had a lot of good response to this little feature and l’m working on a new wrinkle that will make it fun for you all, especially the kids out there. Till later.

Miles covered: 16.75
Total Miles: 99.25
Money Found: $1.17
Total Found: S7.06