Day 9: Goodbye 12, Hello 88!

Spying the CascadesWell, Hwy 12 history – thank goodness. It was interesting. I’m now walking on Hwy 88 and have stopped for the night in Lockford, just East of Lodi. The area today was again mainly agriculture with a lot of homes near the road sprinkled in. I can make out mountains in the distant East and know that shortly I’ll be walking through them. The mountains to my West have all but disappeared from sight.

We had a pretty good day today. Met with Ross Farrow of the Lodi News-Sentinel. We had a good interview and the article should be out tomorrow. (FUNNY SIDE NOTE: Valda’s name changes 3 times in that article!)

“I consider any step that’s not on my route a wasted step unless it leads to a doughnut shop,” Hammersley said with a laugh.

We got in 16.5 miles today and would have probably gotten more, but l got a little puny in the afternoon and took an extended break. Much better now and, in fact, went out and did five miles after taking the break. Tomorrow we head to Jackson. The weather was again perfect, but it started getting warm in the afternoon.

Personal to Jody in Lebanon, IN: thanks so much for matching our found money. Today we added an additional $1.43. More tomorrow!

Miles Covered: 16.5
Total Miles: 137.25
Money Found: $1.43
Total Found: $10.48