Day 15: Nevada at Last ?!?

Well, we may be in Nevada, but not because we want to be! Valda discovered this morning that our Onan Generator (the generator in the RV that supplies us with 110V inside the coach) didn’t work. So, after six miles in the mountains and a bit of wondering what we were going to do, we contacted the Cummins Co. and found the nearest Onan service center here in Reno. And that’s where we are currently. They found out our generator motor had seized up and they are putting a new one in tomorrow morning. Just what we didn’t need. :p Oh well, ya gotta have electricity.In the Sierra Nevadas

As you might know, we are in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are currently at the 6000′ level on CA 88 about 21.5 miles Northeast of Pioneer, CA. We are exactly 50 miles from the CA/NV state lines. The weather is very cool, bordering on cold. The sky is clear and sunny and the scenery is spectacular. We’ve met some great people along the way and have had complete strangers give us money for Gateway.

People never cease to amaze me!

Miles Covered: 6
Total Miles: 204.75
Money Found: $0.37
Total Found: $14.92