Day 16: Here We Sit

The view here in Reno is four white walls with a TV set, a water cooler and a coffee pot. Thank goodness for the coffee pot. At least we have phone service and our broadband is working. Hooray for small miracles.

We have to endure a forced day off today thanks to our generator. The good news about the generator is that they had an identical one in stock. The bad is that it’s about to be ours. I can’t take too much of this kind of good news. The people here have assured us we will be out of here this afternoon, then after a hundred mile trek back into the mountains, we should be all ready to set out tomorrow and resume our journey. I guess in the scheme of things, this is just a little bump in the road.

Personal to BG of NYC: Thank you so much for the donation to Gateway for Cancer Research. It is very appreciated. Also thanks to RV buddies Ilene & Snuffy S. of Little Rock for matching “money found” up to a hundred dollars. This list is growing slowly but surely, and now every penny I pick up is actually worth about eight cents. You all mean a great deal to Valda & me.

An update to items found on the highway: The banana peels have all but disappeared. I guess it must have been a California coast thing. General trash is still very light. I now see a lot of:

  • Keys
  • Tableware
    • Spoons
    • Forks
  • Ink Pens

We have gotten into the snow, and other than the cold, it isn’t a problem. Thank goodness the weather has been great. Wish I was back on that highway, taking it one turn at a time. This picture below is the campground where we stayed here in Reno/Sparks. What a view. Till the next time l can get on the Internet…