Day 17: No Cell Service

I’m about 51 miles from Nevada 🙂 Most of it uphill  😦

Sierra NevadasToday I walked 15 miles and the weather has been terrific. Sunny, cool and somewhat breezy (actually very windy today). Traffic in the mountains hasn’t been too bad and the road has been very good as far as width is concerned. HWY 88 runs circles around HWY 12. The money found has been slim pickin’s up in them hills. I guess what few people that live up there, must save their money for diesel fuel. I got shut today. But, the views were worth a million bucks – one curve after another. As you know, we’ve been out of phone and broadband service for about a week. Personal to LK: Thanks so much for your donation that put us over the $1,000.00 figure! It is much appreciated! More when it happens.  California is almost history!

Miles Covered: 15
Total Miles: 219.75
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $14.92