Day 21: Rock of Ages

The Loneliest RoadWhat a day. We started out at the intersection of US 395 & NV 88. I had a great flat walk toward Carson City, with the Sierra snow-capped mountains on my left and lesser mountains far away on my right. The sun was shining, the wind was fairly calm and I tooled along and even found some money every now and then. We got to Carson City and started around the east side of town, skirting the downtown area and all its stop lights. By dinner time, l had walked nearly 17 miles with twenty in sight. I had a call from a local newspaper, the Nevada Appeal and met with the photographer/reporter Amy who did a nice interview. After that was over, I had dinner and set out for another few miles.

Rock of AgesI was walking pretty smoothly, enjoying the fact that l had a path to walk on when, lo and behold, Valda drives by and yells out the window that something is wrong, which I already knew because I could hear the racket it was making. I thought she had a flat tire on one of the rear duals, but it turned out to be a baseball size rock stuck between the two tires. Well, my next few minutes were spent on my back with hammer and stick in hand trying to get the large boulder out of its perch. It was wedged in there pretty good, but after about ten minutes and some nifty hammering, out it popped. No harm, no foul. However, I stopped after that and called it a day at 18.5 miles. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit twenty.

Miles Covered: 18.5
Total Miles: 283
Money Found: $0.40
Total Found: $15.60