Day 22: Mountains all around

Walking the Loneliest RoadCarson City, NV. It is a neat little city surrounded by mountains on all four sides. It sets nestled in a valley and is surprisingly small seeing that it is Nevada’s capital. Still, you can’t beat the view in any direction! We made 20 miles today! I started out in Carson City and ended up about 9 miles east of Dayton, NV – a Carson City suburb. Most of the walking today was flat after I initially climbed a large hill east of town. The road is wide and straight and the wind was at my back. A through true hiker’s dream. We are headed toward Fallon and hopefully will be there either Thursday night or Friday morning.

I heard from my two grandsons today, Nic & Jude. It was really good to hear their voices and a real shot in the arm.

Personal to Jeff of Dayton, NV: Thanks so much for reading our article In the Nevada Appeal and tracking down Valda and giving her a donation for Gateway. It is much appreciated.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 303
Money Found: $1.02
Total Found: $16.62